Herb Sourcing

At Integria Healthcare we pride ourselves on being able to source locally grown herbal ingredients of the highest quality to ensure that we are producing high quality, sustainable herbal supplements. Since our brand MediHerb is the largest purchaser and processing plant of herbs in Australia, our company has been actively supporting herb growing within Australia and New Zealand for many years.


We not only support the industry but our expert team at MediHerb also provide growers with as much technical support as possible on how to grow herbs including information on:


  • Varietal selection
  • Climatic and soil requirements
  • Time of harvest
  • Drying parameters
  • Storage requirements
  • Providing feedback on herbal quality


Where possible, we source herbs for our MediHerb range from organically grown and wildcrafted herbs and also work to help cultivate endangered species such as Golden Seal. In addition to herbs sourced from Australian and New Zealand growers, MediHerb also sources herbs from other regions where climatic conditions are more appropriate for that herb. For example, Devil's Claw is best grown in the climatic conditions of the Kalahari Desert. As the indigenous community which grow these exotic herbs are reliant on their herb crops for their income they also take great care to ensure the sustainability and quality of these crops.


MediHerb has also taken great steps to ensure that endangered species of herbs are protected by developing a system of identifying and classifying the 'threat' to particular herbs as determined by independent authorities. MediHerb has developed guidelines to ensure only sustainably produced herbs are procured for our herbal supplements. For example, in the case of Golden Seal, MediHerb only uses cultivated herb sources.


A selection of herbs